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Cellular Virtual Phone System

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Why Offisky SMB
Cellular Virtual Phone System ?
  • Make your cell phone work like a professional business phone system
  • Make your business more trustful (instead of just ringing your cell phone, your customer knows who are they calling, before connect the call)
  • Phone calls managed by call forward to your cell phone, no internet connection required
  • Auto Attendant. Provide interactive voice option list and re-route your customer's call to appropriate cell phone(s)
  • Virtual Call Queue allow your customer to hold and listen to music / advertisement while waiting
  • Make call transfer easy via your cell phone keypad
  • Customizable Music / Advertisement On Hold.
  • Easy operate with your co-workers and partners with unlimited internal extension number(s) and department(s)
  • Can combine with Offisky Hosted PBX Phone System
  • Create business / after hours instead of ringing your cell phone 24/7
  • No App necessary. Simple setup and calls will be deliver to you by cell phone network.
  • No contact, cancel anytime
  • SMS Option Available
Offisky Cellular Virtual Phone System is a business phone system forwarding to cell phone service designed for SMB to operate more professionally and efficiently. When your customer calling into your business phone number, Offisky will automatically pickup the call, announce your company greetings, and provide your customers with a list of options to choose their destination (known as Auto Attendant). Once they made their choice, they will be placed into a Virtual Queue and listen to your music or advertisement. Meanwhile, Offisky will contact you (by calling your cell phone) about this call and ask for your instruction. In additions, it also comes with many useful features (ie. Voicemail / Fax to email, internal extension number calling, transfer on cell phone, etc).

Offisky Cellular Virtual Phone System is very simple to use, and is a must have service for all small businesses.
A Cloud Business Phone System for all businesses

Our simple and professional business phone system can forward your business calls to any phone services (cell phone, land line, etc), which is suitable for any type of businesses.

Completely Cell Phone Operations, converting your cell phone into a professional business phone system

Designed to operate all your customer's calls through your cell phone. Your customers won't even notice the differences.

Some interesting features, including:
  • Auto Attendant and redirect your customer's call to your cell phone
  • Call transfering on cell phone
  • Virtual Call Queue
  • Advertisement on connect / on queue
  • Dial out from cell phone using your business phone number
  • And more...
Virtual Call Queue

Placing your customer's call into a Virtual Queue and wait for you. Meanwhile, your customer will be listening to music or your advertisement. If you missed the call or cannot pickup at the moment, the call will come back to you at the later time.

Auto Attendant - Redirecting Customers to Appropriate Destination

All customers calls will be automatically redirected to appropriate destination.
Voicemail / Fax to Email - Easy Access on any Device

Receiving fax and voicemail, and forward to your email.

Make calls using your business number

Making outgoing calls by your cell phone using your business phone number, via Offisky Collaboration Web Panel.
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