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What is Offisky
Collaboration Web Panel ?
  • Provide a virtual work space for your whole team / company
  • Multi-User access with permission control
  • A system administrator configration central to all your Offisky Services
  • A daily use virtual work space for your team live status, operations, and communications
  • A single platform provides everything you need for communications
  • Support PC and Mobile Version
  • Online Web Panel, no installation or network settings required
Offisky Collaboration Web Panel is the heart of Offisky, providing centralized features for your whole team. Starting with the comprehensive, live update and configuration system for all your Offisky services (ie. phone system, auto attendant, user permission control, billing and ordering, support, and more). Team Collaboration Panel which enable live working status viewing and communication to your whole team. Bulletin messaging for company wide / department wide broadcasting messages. Offisky Panel Phone to make and receive calls directly using your computer (instead of moving your IP Phones around). Special PBX featuers only available by the Collaboration Web Panel. SMS and Internal Text Messaging System for easy management and communication. Client Profile which helps easy organize all contact conversations in one place. And many more.

Offisky Collaboration Web Panel can operate on most popular Web Browsers, which require no app installation or network settings whatsoever.

Single configuration panel for all Offisky Service

Offisky Collaboration Panel provide comprehensive configuration tools, allow system administrators or account owners to control and update all Offisky related services, which includes, Offisky Multi-User Access Control, Offisky Phone System (Virtual / Hosted PBX), order or remove Offisky services, billing and credits, support, and more.

Because Offisky is designed for different range of businesses, it offers different type of configuration mode, where Simple Configuration Mode allow normal (non-technical) users to easily manage their account with common settings, and Advance Configuration Mode provides much higher flexibility for System Administrators to further configure their account based on their specific requirements.

Team Collaboration Panel - Work together, anywhere, anytime

Imagine when a customer call in, your receptionist, who is currently work at home, can virtually know who is busy or available, and response back to the customer, this is what our Team Collaboration Panel can do.

Our Cloud Base Team Collaboration Panel work like your company virtual office space, provide your organization with centralized communications and overview of your coworkers' real time status (ie. who is on duties, who is busy or talking on the phone, who is on lunch, company announcement, etc).
Offisky Panel Phone - Make and receive calls right at your panel.

Each User Account in Offisky Collaboration Web Panel is equipped with an Offisky Panel Phone, which allow users to talk on the phone without IP Phone or any special software installed. It is very useful for work at home or remote office environment, where you don't need to assign a specific hardware for them. Offisky Panel Phone, just like a normal phone device in your network, can make or receive external or internal calls. Since Offisky Panel Phone is included within every user account, as soon as you have assigned an internal extension number to your staff, he/she can start communicate with you right away.

Internal + SMS Messaging - Centralize and manage your business text communications

Offisky Collaboration Panel provide text messaging tools for both internal and external (SMS) messaging. By combining your Customer SMS Messages with Offisky Client Profile, messages can also be well storage and organize within the system, allowing you to review every single customers' conversation.

For more information about Internal and SMS Messaging, please refer to our SMS Messaging page.

Client Profile Management - Summarize and Profile your Client History

Never miss a business opportunity from your existing customers. With our Client Profile Management System, you can now profile and categorize your customers, and the system will automatically logged all future activities within the customer profile. Whenever you need to talk to your customers, or having a new promotion and look for potential leads, you can look into your client profiles based on the customer histories, category, interest, or previous conversations.

Bulletin Board - A good way to broadcast your internal messages.

In the virtual environment, if you have a public memo, or a message you wish to broadcast to your staffs or department members, the Bulletin Board within Offisky Collaboration Panel may come in handy.

If works like a notice board in your office. Every day when your staff login to Offisky, the system will provide the updated bulletin message list (as the first thing to display onto the screen). Users will have the ability to dismiss a message, or to leave the message for later use.
System Requirements

  • A stable internet connection (10Mbps Upstream / 10Mbps Downstream minimum is recommended).
  • Webcam and Microphone may require for some features.
  • Internet browser (latest version):
    1. PC / Mobile - Firefox (Recommended)
    2. PC / Mobile - Chrome (Recommended)
    3. PC - Microsoft Edge
    4. Mobile - Safari (Limited Features)
  • Operating System:
    1. PC: Microsoft Windows.
    2. Mobile: Andriod, IPhone IOS (Limited Features).
  • Some features may only available in specific browsers / operating systems.

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