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Hosted PBX Phone System

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Why Offisky
Hosted PBX Phone System ?
  • Customizable. Design to fulfill different business requirements
  • Multi-User access web collaboration panel with permission control
  • Extensive features to support most small to medium size businesses
  • Can combine with Offisky SMB Cellular Virtual Phone System
  • Unlimited internal extensions, regardless the size of your team
  • Completely Cloud Solution, use it anywhere at anytime
  • No contact, cancel anytime
Offisky Virtual Office System is a cloud Hosted PBX and Collaboration Solution. It is designed to help your team virtually communicate just like they are in the same office. Our system incorporated multiple major components; Team Collaboration Panel helps each user to cooperate just like they are physically working together. Virtual Phone System provide enhanced PBX features and direct all phone calls and communications to each of your offices (VOIP). Centralized Business SMS Messaging provide a share and manageable environment to handle customers' text request and support. Client Profile Management helps keep track of customers' communications. And many other useful features which helps with your business success.

Offisky Virtual Office System is a cost saving, easy to manage and deploy, and support Virtual, or Semi-Virtual environment in one solution.
Hosted PBX Solutions - All you need for your Virtual Business Phone System

Our Virtual Phone System (Hosted PBX via VOIP) delivers all your phone communications to each of your offices (incl. home or main office), and you can operate just like you are in your main office. It comes with enhanced features which is necessary for your business, such as, Internal Extension Calling, Call Transfer, Call Parking, Fax-to-Email, Voicemail-to-Email, Auto-Attendant (IVR), Paging, Intercom, Call Recording, Click-to-Dial, Simultaneous Calling (Call Group), and many more.

Our service also support wide range of devices, which is designed to fulfill your business operation. Including IP Phones (if you prefer a physical phone on your desk), Panel Phone (work like a computer phone via the Team Collaboration Panel), or Cell Phone (if you always on the road and prefer the call forward to you).

Team Collaboration Panel - Work together, anywhere, anytime

Imagine when a customer call in, your receptionist, who is currently work at home, can virtually know who is busy or available, and response back to the customer, this is what our Team Collaboration Panel can do.

Our Cloud Base Team Collaboration Panel work like your company virtual office space, provide your organization with centralized communications and overview of your coworkers' real time status (ie. who is on duties, who is busy or talking on the phone, who is on lunch, company announcement, etc).
Cloud-based Call Centre. Professional with no physical Location limit

If your office is running a sales team or support team, check out our virtual call center solution. Your operators can be physically located anywhere as long as you have provided them access into your account (out sourced agents, work at home operators, etc). Even though it is a complete virtual operation, it doesn't means you will lose your management control. Our solutions also comes with training, supervising, managing and logging tools to help you get a better understanding of your team performance.

Cloud Operations - Removing physical location boundaries

No matter how many retail or office locations, or work at home staffs in your business, you are virtually connected.
Unlimited Auto Attendant with Unlimited Levels

Incoming calls will be automatically re-route based on the appropriate destination (ie. a retail location, a virtual department, a call team, etc). With Offisky Hosted PBX service, you can have unlimited Auto Attendant and unlimited level of Auto Attendant as you need.

For example, a company may have couple retail store, a head office, and numbers of warehouse. You might want to have individual phone number to connect to each location, and each location may have different Auto Attendant to operate differently.

System Requirements

  • A stable internet connection (Min 10Mbps Upstream / 10Mbps Downstream).
  • SIP IP Phone Hardware (if you wish to pickup calls using a physical phone).
  • A IoT (ie. Computer, Laptop, Smartphone, etc) with internet browser installed.
  • Internet browser (latest): Firefox, Chrome, Microsoft Edge.
  • CPU/Memory: Intel i5 (5th generation / up), 4GB Memory.
  • Webcam and Microphone may require for some features.
  • Operating System: PC: Microsoft Windows. Mobile: Andriod, IPhone IOS (limited feature).
  • Some features may only available in specific browsers.
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