Frequently Ask Questions

Frequently Ask Questions
Can I port phone numbers from other providers to Offisky?
Yes, of course. When you are under the phone system configuration panel, select the "Add" icon (just like ordering a new phone number), then choose "Port-In an existing number from another provider", fill up the provided form, which will create a support ticket. Our support staff will be happy to help you further.
Is Offisky have any contracts?
No term contract, except our service contract. Offisky is a DIY service, you can add or cancel any service(s) whenever it is suitable for you.
How can I cancel a service?
To cancel the service, simply go to the "Order History" panel within the "Offisky Billing System (Offisky Market)", then select the order you wish to cancel.
Can I reactivate my service after it is being cancelled?
No. Once the order has been cancelled, all the settings will be removed and is not retrievable. However, if your order is still under "suspend" state, you may still re-activate the service in "Order History" panel within the "Offisky Billing System (Offisky Market)".
How can I refund the remaining credit balance?
No. All prepaid Offisky Credits are non-refundable, either in part or in full. Because of this, please only purchase the credit which is necessary for your account.
Can I transfer my Offisky Credit to the other account?
No, all Offisky Credits are non-refundable and non-transferable.
How can I get support?
Once you login to your account, you can get support by enter into our support channel (the help icon located at your application manual). Click on "Support" icon and select "Get Offisky Support", then create a support ticket based on the natural of your problem, and our support staff will be happy to assist you further. Please note, due to security reason, make sure you are creating the ticket under the account in question, otherwise, we cannot be able to help you.
After I have setup my account, how long does it take to start using it?
Instantly. When you start create your account, or make any updates in your account, the system will update and process immediately.
After using Paypal to purchase my credit, how long is it take to view and use it in my account?
Normally within couple of minutes. However, this is depending on the time process from Paypal. As soon as we got the confirmation from Paypal, you can start using your credit.
How can I get my invoice?
You can get your invoice through the "Invoice History" panel within the Offisky Billing System. The invoice will be generate each time you have successfully purchased Offisky Credit.
Except Paypal, is there any other way to purchase Offisky Credit?
We recommended using Paypal to purchase your Offisky Credit due to the instant activation of your credit. However, if you prefer, you can also purchase Offisky Credit using Online Banking (Canada Only). For more information, please visit "Buy Credit" panel within the Offisky Billing System.
How do I know the calling charge for a particular number (including long distance call)?
There are 2 ways to know the charge of a call. If you have system administration privilege, you can always check the minute charge under "Phone Line Settings" panel within "Phone System Configuration", then use the "Check Minute Charge" section. Otherwise, if you have setup using Offisky Multi-User Panel, go to the "Phone Panel", enter the phone number you wish to dial, select "More Options" icon, then select "Check the calling charge for ...".

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