About Offisky Project

A simple, affordable, customizable, reliable, and useful telecommunication service, designed for small to medium size businesses.

The Offisky Project
Offisky Project is a cloud base business operation and communication platform develop, manage, and deliver by Babysoft. Our product lines cover Hosted PBX phone system solutions, from small to medium size call center solutions, corporate internal collaboration platform, and more. We have been serving Canadian small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) for more than a decade, and throughout this period, we are happy, our service is able to help our customers grow their business much stronger and faster.

When we started to design our service, we question ourselves, there are many communication technologies in the market which can help with SMBs, but because of the cost and the complexity of these technologies, most SMBs feel restricted. As a SMB telecommunication provider, what if we provide these kind of service in a simpler way with affordable price, with this service it can greatly beneficial to SMBs. This question became the fundamental into our design concept. We start designing our phone system on the cloud-based platform, which eliminates the essential overpriced physical phone system hardware, and eliminates the phone system wiring installation. We simplified the whole process, by only using plug-and-play phones to connect with the internet. Thanks to the recent development of laptops and tablets, some businesses can even install the phone into their computer to eliminate the cost of the phone, which can still manage to operate their phone system seamlessly.

After we have successfully removed the physical limitation on a phone system, we start to build more useful features, which we believe will be greatly beneficial to the SMB market. For instance, our Call Center Solution no longer requires extreme costly hardware. Anyone can create their own call center in just couple of clicks. The daily business operation and collaboration system, offers each of the staff members within the company the opportunity to review and operate their daily communication in a single, multi-user platform. There are many features in the platform which is designed to ease the business daily operation into our service.

Because our phone system service (Hosted PBX) is a comprehensive, cloud based phone system and unified communication platform, which no longer requires phone system installation and rewiring, our "Phone System As A Service" helps many SMBs to save a lot, especially at the start up period, where they no longer need to invest a couple thousand dollars just for the phone system. A single, very affordable monthly service charge is already sufficient to have a decent phone system in their office. And whenever they need more, there are no limitations in terms of their business size or functionalities. Everything is ready for them, for now, and for their future.

We look forward to cooperating with more businesses and those interested in joining our service. Only with your continuous support, we can provide you with better, and more innovative functionalities to improve your business communications.

Babysoft is a 100% Canadian owned telecom service provider licensed by Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC). We have been serve the Canadian small to medium size businesses for more than 15 years, specialized in design and develop unified business and telecommunication applications.
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