SMS & Internal Messaging

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Why Offisky
SMS & Internal Messaging
  • Provide a convenience and modernized way to communicate with your customers.
  • Share customers SMS messages between staff members for easy work covering
  • Remain customers' conversation, even if your staff no longer working with the company
  • Organize customer messages for easy search and review, using Client Profile Management
  • Easy operate all text messages via Offisky Web Collaboration Panel
  • Support multi-platform. No longer operate only on your cell phone
Offisky Virtual Office System including Internal Messaging and SMS Messaging tools, which provides more flexible and convenience way for your business communications.

SMS is the only short text messaging service which is available to everyone (as long as the person you are contacting have a cell phone). Centralizing your business SMS Messages gives you numbers of benefits. For example, Share customer's text communications amount your team (With Offisky cloud collaboration panel, you can assign multiple staff members to response to your customer text request, instead of the message only available to someone's cell phone). No need to worry about who got the message or who leave the company, your business phone number and messages will stay in your account.

Offisky SMS Service is an optional features and can be add into any one of our service package.

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